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Our Fixed Fee Packages

Are you separated and wondering what to do next?

We offer a variety of different Fixed Fee packages depending on your unique situation. We tailor these packages to suit your needs and budget.

For example, one of our many Fixed Fee packages includes a package for amicable separation. If you have separated and want to finalise your arrangements, whether that is for parenting, property settlement or both, and you have reached an agreement with your ex partner, we offer a Fixed Fee package that will put this all together for you, including: -

  • Our initial meeting with you to take your detailed instructions;
  • Providing our advice to you about the agreement reached;
  • Drafting your agreement into formal legal documents;
  • Making any amendments to these documents you require;
  • Sending the final documents to your ex partner;
  • Witnessing your signing of the documents;
  • Filing the documents with the Court;
  • The Court's filing fee;
  • Providing you with the final Orders to settle everything once issued by the Court.

Or, if you are just starting out after separation and you are unsure if you have an agreement yet, we offer an Initial Contact Fixed Fee package which includes: -

  • Our initial meeting with you to take your detailed instructions;
  • Providing our advice to you about how to open discussions;
  • Drafting a detailed letter setting out the background of your matter and a proposal to progress things;
  • Making any amendments to this letter that you require;
  • Sending the final letter to your ex partner or their lawyer;
  • Providing you with their response and our advice about the next step to progress things.

Our packages also include ALL telephone calls and emails with you during this period so that you can freely discuss what you need to with us without the fear of hidden charges. 

At each step of the way, we are with you, discussing option and providing advice to break down the overwhelming experience that separation often is with our no-nonsense yet empathetic approach.

Contact us to discuss our different packages and how we can tailor our approach to your needs.