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Julann Tiernan - Family Lawyer

Hi I'm Julann Tiernan...


Since my admission as a lawyer, I have only ever worked in Family Law. I have been there personally too. Prior to becoming a Family Lawyer, I also experienced divorce and family breakdown - my parents were divorced and I am divorced myself.  I know what it is like to feel lost at sea, with rising legal fees adding to my distress. This shaped the lawyer - and the person - I am today and it is the reason I started Tiernan Family Law. Now I am re-married and a mum of five children and I co-parent my three eldest children with my ex-husband.  Sometimes it runs smoothly and other times it can be challenging but I bring this experience to every client. Because I’ve been there too.

I am used to working under pressure. I was a Queensland Police Officer for 9 years, whilst completing my Law degree, and worked as a First Responder and investigator in all manner of jobs, from child abuse, armed hold ups, Domestic Violence incidents, vehicle pursuits, fatal car accidents, sexual assaults and homicides. Prior to leaving the Police Service, I was a Criminal Intelligence Analyst. I love to delve into a matter and analyse it from all sides and this has helped me as a Family Lawyer to gain perspective and provide hands- on, real world experience. 

Accredited Specialist


I commenced my law degree in 1999 and completed it with Honours in 2005. In 2017 I undertook specialist training with the Queensland Law Society to become a Family Law Specialist. This is peer reviewed recognition and I am proud to carry the title. I genuinely strive to help people, to make the road easier and to guide clients towards real answers and outcomes. Nothing makes me happier.

a different approach


I started Tiernan Family Law to do things differently. For me, it is important to make sure legal fees do not add to the stress of separation. Because we are a virtual firm, we can keep our fees lower and we ONLY do fixed fees for EVERY step of the process. We think this reduces the unknowns and helps you make the right choices. Lots of law firms say they can do fixed fees but we are one of the only law firms who ONLY do it. Our firm does not "time cost" or charge you by the hour in 6 minute intervals, the way almost all law firm do. All the work we do for you is is measured by the outcome and not by time. We are not “on the clock”. We think this gives you Family Law fee certainty in a time of great uncertainty.